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Main indications: Use for helping tumefaction and ringworm, skin heat-toxin, systemic skin itching, rheumatoid skin itching, red pox skin itching, hidden tumefaction, allergic dermatitis, inappetence, fantod and insomnia, damp-heat pudenda itch and scrotum itchy.

Directions: Take 3-4 pills 2 times a day, half for children.

Packing: 36 pills / box.


Cang-zhu atractylodes {Cang Zhu} (rhizome)

Cnidium {She Chuang Zi} (fruit)

Rehmannia {Sheng Di} (unprocessed root tuber)

Phellodendron {Huang Bai} (stem bark)

Xanthium {Cang Er Zi} (whole plant)

Ligusticumwallichii {Chuan Xiong} (rhizome)

Asian ginseng {Ren Shen} (root)

Astragalus {Huang Qi}(root)

Dong quai {Dang Gui} (root)

Fragrant angelica {Bai Zhi}(root)


Caution: Do not use if pregnant.

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