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Description : One piece of Sticker can discharge the toxin, it take one night only, the greasy toxin can be flowed out from the bottom of foot! Major functions: *Discharge Toxin and Improve Beauty *Relax Muscles and Remove Rheumatism *Nourish Yin Deficiency and Strengthen Kidney *Shape and Beautify Body *Soothe Sleep and Relieve Fatigue *Enhance Foot and Deodorize According to Chinese Medicine Theory, the feet have been regarding as the Second Heart of human body. The thenar is the epitome of health of human body. There are sixty-six reflex zones of points totally on feet of human body, the feet is the densest part of point and main and collateral channels, it is the converged part of artery and vein, so the micro-circulation and lymphatic system are very active. If it is to discharge toxin through the reflex zone of points, it can effectively adjust the functions of viscera that are relatively connected with the points, and prevent and treat the various symptoms of diseases caused by the deposit of toxin in body and also can regulate endocrine, promote the blood circulation. The effective ingredients contained in the product can penetrate into points in thenar and can discharge the dampness and toxin in the body through bottom of feet, and can soothe tension, improve sleep, skin quality and subhealth. The product are the extremely popular toxin-discharging and beauty product in South Korea and Japan, and also rapidly fashionable in Hong Kong, Taiwan Province, Singapore and European and American countries. The main ingredient in the product is bamboo extract that was refined from pure and natural bamboo in high mountain. The bamboo extract can effectively remove the long accumulated toxin and dampness in body, purify body and beautify skin, improve the discomfort of sub-health. The bamboo extract has super-powerful penetrating and toxin-discharging functions, the continuous effect can last for eight hours, and can rapidly discharge the toxin and rubbishes stagnated in endocrine system, intestine tract and circulatory system, remove pigmented spots, eliminate constipation, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve sleep, soothe the stress and ankylosis of neck, shoulder, waist, back and limbs, and make skin healthy, lustrous and comfortable. Main Ingredients: natural bamboo extract powder, natural mineral fine powder, loquat leaves, tourmaline, trace elements, chitin, vitamin C, vitamin E, orange essential oil, etc. Main functions: *Discharge toxin and nourish appearance, purify body and beautify skin, promote metabolism, enhance immune function, improve the discomfort of sub-health. *Improve constipation, abdominal distension, clear away the peculiar smell from mouth, foot and armpit. *Soothe fatigue, promote sleep, rapidly alleviate the stress on thenar and joints. *Eliminate the impurity in body, inhibit the growth of melanin, comedo, acne, and grease secretion of obesity in skin. *Facilitate the blood circulation, improve the dullness, sallowness, lackluster, rough pore and black eye socket, and make skin red-in-white, healthy and vital. *Resist oxidization, remove sallowness, inhibit the growth of skin wrinkles. How to Use: Directions: Before going to bed, please clean the part needed to being applied, and take one piece of the non-textile adhesive plaster and tear off the protective paper from the adhesive plaster; tear out the plastic bag along the outer edge, and take out the Sticker Pack enclosed and adhere it to the center of adhesive plaster, apply it to yongquan Point on thenar or other discomfortable part, keep it for 6-8 hours, and take off after getting up in next morning, and rub the part of thenar where the Sticker Pack has been stunk to, continuous application for seven days as one stage, 21 days as one cycle. After the Bamboo Extract Powder has been stunk to thenar points and dense part of main channels, the powder in Sticker Pack will absorb out the waste grease and liquid, etc. toxins from body and became greasy and sticky, and turn the white Sticker Pack into black brown. This is the toxins in body that have been discharged. If the user is in bad condition of health, the color will be dark, the more moistures and grease will also be discharged; if the product is stunk to few points or joints, the few toxin will be discharged according to the quantity of toxin in body, the Sticker Pack will change in slight color; if the product is stunk to part without point, the Sticker Pack will not change color. If the product is applied to relieve the ache of shoulders and neck, the effect will much more better to apply the product to thenar and shoulders and neck together. More Info: The following persons must use this product: The female who are vogue and in favor of beauty, and those people who pay much more attention to healthcare and preserve their health. The group who are in sub-health, such as who are suffering from insomnia, amnesia, depression, endocrinopathy, etc. The group who operated computer, and those who have huge working pressure, and suffer from long-term radiation. Those who stand and walk for long time, such as sales representatives, teachers, policemen, medical and nursing people, models and waiters in hotel and restaurant, etc. People who are suffering from ache and swelling in neck, shoulders, waist, and legs. People who are fatigued in feet and legs, such as drivers, athletes, travelers, etc. The group who are suffering from constipation, halitosis, body stink and foot stink.

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Weight 0.2 lbs


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