Liver Purifier? 5


Each box contains one bottles 48 capsules.


Manufacturer: T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.


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This product is formulated by well-known U.S. hepatologists, biologists and   botanists who spent over six years on research and experiments. To ensure high   quality, the most cutting-edge techniques derived from modern biotechnology   researches are utilized to activate biological agents from American auricularia   and blend them with active principles of many plants to produce LIVER PURIFIER®   5.This product aids in dissolving the excessive fat (lipid) in the liver and   other parts of the body.

The   animal study of “Effects of Liver Purifier® Herbal Formulation on liver injury   in rats produced by acute acetaminophen and/or alcohol ingestion” conducted by   Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C. has proved Liver   Purifier 3 effectiveness and no adverse side effects were seen in the study.   (Oct. 2001)

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