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Each box contains one bottles,48 capsules.

Manufactory : T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.

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This product is formulated by well-known U.S. hepatologists, biologists and botanists, who have spent over six years on research and experiments. To ensure high quality, the most cutting-edge techniques derived from modern biotechnology research are utilized to remove heavy metals in herbs and plants, extract activated biological agents from Swedish flower pollen that are mixed with active principle of many plants to produce LIVER PURIFIER® 1. This Product may contribute to boosting immunity and help the regeneration of impaired liver cells as well as detoxifying hepatic toxin, improving liver functioning and help reverse the presence of viral surface antigens from positive to negative. Everyday, people are affected by various contaminants in the air, drinking water, preserving agents, chemical pigment in food, residual fertilizer in vegetables and fruits, unwholesome food served by caterers, excessive fat, the spread and infection of hepatitis virus, stress, fatigue rising from over work and sex, staying up late, alcohol, as well as side effects from chemical-based medicine. Taking LIVER PURIFIER ® is a good way to have a healthy liver.

The animal study of “Effects of Liver Purifier® Herbal Formulation on liver injury in rats produced by acute acetaminophen and/or alcohol ingestion” conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C. has proved Liver Purifier® 1 effectiveness and no adverse side effects were seen in the study. (Oct. 2001)

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清肝解毒丹1號是由美國著名肝科專家、生物專家、植物學專家經過六年多時間實驗和研究,總結了十多 個國家肝科大醫院的經驗,採用最新尖端高科技生物工程技術,從瑞典挑選一種特有的松樹花蕊中提取“花 粉多糖”活性成份,再與美國植物中提取“排毒素”結合配製而成。本品幫助清除肝臟內毒素、改善肝功能、提高 肝臟免疫力。

經著名的美國佐治城大學醫藥研究中心對因西藥< Acetaminophen及酒精誘導動物肝臟發炎進行實驗,証明服用清肝解毒丹1號後有顯著康復的療效,並無副作用,此實驗報告已在美國著名醫學雜誌發表;同時,清肝解毒丹3號也在美國佐治城大學醫藥研究中心對B(乙)型肝炎病毒HBV進行實驗,証明清肝 解毒丹3號對B(乙)型肝炎病毒HBV有強大的抑制作用,並對正常細胞無影響。

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