Bai Shi Wan



Bai Shi Wan

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By Guangzhou ZhongYi Pharmaceutical Co. LTD

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Vitiligex Capsules (Bai Shi Wan) Actions: Supplementing the liver and boosting the kidney, quickening the blood and dispelling stasis, enriching the blood and expelling wind. Indications: May help vitiligo. A natural dietary supplement that helps promote and maintain healthy skin by establishing the body’s natural balance. dietary supplement which gives support in maintaining healthy skin. Vitiligex is a natural herbal remedy which enables individuals to maintain healthy vibrant skin throughout all seasons.


Ingredients: Foti (dried root tuber), Reishi (fruiting body), Chinese salvia (root & rhizome), Psoralea (fruit), Safflower (flower), Tribulus (fruit), Chinese Licorice (root)


Size: 240 pills per bottle


Dosage: 20 pills 3x/day.


Caution: Do not use if pregnant

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